About Us

About us

So, why Pin Drop?

We want to change the way people view the real estate agency experience.

We aim for clients to feel confident and at ease knowing they will be provided with the right information from knowledgeable consultants who truly care about providing them with the best possible service.

Pin Drop avoids any unnecessary display of extravagance and flamboyance and instead fancies the concept of simply helping people buy, sell and rent. Let’s stay focused on what matters, and to us it’s you!

Lucy Church

About the owner

Lucy Church a 29-year-old British expatriate founded the idea of Pin Drop Properties LLC in 2023 after undergoing a successful three and a half years with a large Dubai real estate agency.

Whilst many people are solely driven by the idea of purely making money, Lucy instead is more motivated by making her clients happy with the knowledge that this innate care would bring everyone involved joy, fulfillment, and a lasting relationship.

Lucy strives to make sure all her clients are listened to and helped in a professional manner by being clear, informative, and transparent in her communication.

Lucy has helped many new agents in Dubai find their way in the industry and given guidance and training from free-will as she has a huge desire to help people reach victorious heights.


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